Dining table, 160 x 74 x 160

The open plan kitchen in a brand new detached house, was in need of a fresh dining table. The table needed to function as a focal point of the space and to be big and sturdy enough, to allow the family to play and dine around it. The clients gave Arnemil free hands to create a table, that would fit the interior style of the house and fulfill the needs and wishes they had. The result became a sturdy square shaped table, that can fit a larger group of people around it. The combined weight of the solid 4 cm thick table top together with the metallic feet, is around 100 kg’s. Hopefully the family isn’t moving in a while. The material is solid white oak and painted steel legs. The table top was treated with black stain, which was then sanded away, for a result that accentuates the beautiful grain. After the treatment, matt oil was applied, to protect the surface.

Measurements WxHxD 160x74x160 cm.