Dining table, 160 x 73 x 85

A newly renovated flat, was in need of a new and awesome dining table. The table legs were not to be in the way, when placing the chairs or moving around the table. The outcome was a dining table, sporting a single steel leg structure in the middle, with a 75 kg solid steel “puck” at the bottom. This design makes the table very steady and stable. It will not tilt, unless a very big person sits at the furthest end of it. Even if it starts tilting, it is very slow and controlled, due to low center of gravity. The table top was made out of solid ash and the nicely rounded corners and the scalloped edges, were fabricated with a CNC-router. The steel leg was left to look raw on purpose, but was coated with clear lacquer, to protect it from rusting and darkening. The table top was finished with matt oil.

Measurements WxHxD 160x73x85 cm.